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Website Optimization for users and robot

The SEO of a website is the set of different techniques used to improve the visibility of its site in the search tools. Referencing its site is nothing very special; It simply makes it possible to display the site in the index of the search engine from the keywords corresponding to the frame and the content of the pages of the site. To make a web referencing: To optimize its website for an SEO, it is enough to collect links from sites indicated by the search engines, so that they can identify its existence or declare the site directly from the Interface of the main search engines.


Google SEO

The majority of users use Google as the main search engine. This automated search engine uses software and applications called “crawlers”. That software automatically crawls the sites to be included in the Google index and allow more visibility on the internet. But it is also possible to directly submit its site to Google by gathering as many links as possible to increase the chances of your site to get known to Google. Simply proceed to link building or net linking. However, make sure to only take the main links: the contextual links from popular sites are the most advantageous ones. The main thing is to create a relevant page and compete against competing sites. To also increase its chances of appearing in Google search results; Make sure you carry out the general design, design, drafting and technical realization of your site correctly and preliminarily. Sites without content are rarely attractive; It is not necessary to fill the pages with keywords, this may scratch your site from the list. A form to add Google is also available, but there is no need to submit your site several times at the risk that this is considered spam. Your application will only be considered once. Thus, the sites appearing in the Google index have been added and detected automatically during web explorations but not necessarily sent manually.

The web page as reference

At first, you should know that in natural SEO aim to make your website visible, internet marketing mainly refers to the content of the pages of your site. In this regard, it is very important to properly present and work on the content of your site. Among other things, make sure to have a good homepage that will be the first page visited by Internet users. However, one should not hurt the other pages, the car according to the keywords and searches, the users can fall directly on the pages annexes, without going through the reception of the site.

Structure the pages (by area served)

So that the content of your site and especially so that all the pages of your site are visible, it must be an interesting content and well structured. A nice example of a website done with a proper area optimization for bed bugs in Montreal, QC (¨punaise de lit¨ in french) is Therefore, for each page, you must have a title well hung. It also requires an appropriate URL, a clear and readable text or article development, paragraph separations by the tags as well as ALT tags to define the images. It also requires links between texts and between pages or on sites linked to the page, which is well thought out. 

Improved exploration

A natural referencing always begins with the exploration of your web pages thanks to robotic systems of exploitation of the search engines. The latter, on the web, will do the research on new sites to index and detect sites that need to update. This robotic system is under the acronym HTTP. Because of this, the robotic system will detect the links of your pages. Finally, to optimize natural SEO and facilitate exploration, it is also useful to make the page ergonomic and to limit the loading time by making the loading speed faster.

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Web design New Trend

General Trends in web Design for 2016

Flat Design

The giant has decided to adopt a new visual language that gradually influences our digital consumer habits: hardware design.

The principle

Design that is both minimalist and multidimensional, allowing everyone to navigate with icons, volumes, discrete animations and colorful shapes. Users benefit from more intuitive and dynamic tools. By the way, this new design makes it possible to standardize the experience on all supports. Flat design, developed by Microsoft, had already paved the way for a new way of thinking the usability of sites by promoting icons to navigation menus at levels and terms to the idea that the web is in real life. To sum up all this dark story: icons and color blocks will thrive and Internet users will continue to save clicks. Add to that a volume and animation key, and you have all the “hardware” to surf the hardware design. Google has said: “Materialize”.

Reassuring colors

This year has been particularly emotionally charged and Internet users seem to be looking for more hope than ever before. It is therefore not surprising that cheerful and gentle colors take the lead of the Web. The black and white does not really demolish, it is simply that it will steal the spotlight by pastel colors (for the soft ones) or vivid (for the dynamics). Choosing your palette is tantamount to choosing the atmosphere on your site. Feel free to prove that you are optimistic and positive. A positive and Optimism would not be the last of a famous supermarket sign? 

You should keep in mind at all times that mobile users are multiplying at high speed. It is therefore imperative to optimize your site to meet their needs. If, for you, this good old 3310 does the job perfectly, know that Google sees things in a different light. Indeed, the search engine decided this year to reward sites suitable for mobile devices. In addition, E-commerce is booming: with 6 million buyers in the Hexagon, it represents 21% of the turnover of E-commerce sites. Check carefully that your site is aesthetic and usable as much on the big screen as on the small one and you will win on all the tables.

Long Scrolling Evolution

You have no doubt noticed that in recent times, websites are lengthening. In jargon, this trend is called Long Scrolling. Its objective: to offer users a vertical navigation, similar to what they can experiment on their smartphone and on social networks. Given that we are becoming progressively addicted to our wheel and follow the news feed with index strokes, it is only natural that websites extend to make our lives easier.